Hubject and IoTecha to cooperate


Hubject is going to cooperate with IoTecha, a company specialising in the provision of software and hardware to support the charging infrastructure for e-vehicles. Their main focus will be on the use of Plug&Charge.

Together, the Hubject and IoTecha want to simplify the implementation and use of Plug&Charge and Smart Charging systems worldwide using the ISO 15118 standard for electric vehicles. Specifically, IoTecha will use Hubject’s systems to issue and sign digital certificates to be installed in IoTecha’s Combined Charging System on Module (CCSoM) products.

The goal is to make Plug&Charge available to a “broader user base,” says Barton Sidles, Senior Director Business and Corporate Development at Hubject. Plug&Charge eliminates the need for RFID cards to start the charging process. When car and charging station are connected, they authenticate themselves and regulate billing – as with Tesla’s Superchargers. The partners hope that the simpler shop will provide better customer experience and thus promote the introduction of electric cars. “By further developing charging technology, we can work together to drive the eMobility sector forward by offering intelligent and safe solutions,” says Sidles.

But the opportunities offered by ISO 15118 go further: smart charging technologies enable utilities to collaborate with urban planners, large fleet operators, owners and local governments to predict and manage the amount of energy that flows into electric vehicles when charging. This energy management can help to reduce network congestion and the associated need for additional expensive infrastructure projects.,


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