i-CoBAT: Thermal management of high capacity batteries

Ricardo joins forces with M&I Materials and WMG with funding through the British government. The i-CoBat project aims to develop and demonstrate novel battery cooling technology for power packs used in electric vehicles.

The technology in development is based on cell immersion cooling using dielectric fluid. It promises “improved power output and cell longevity, faster charging rates and lower costs,” according to the partners.

In more concrete terms, i-CoBat relies on a concept by M&I Materials. Their liquid-cooled battery pack uses M&I Materials’ biodegradable dielectric cooling fluid, MIVOLT.

Ricardo then will bring its “extensive knowledge of EV battery pack and battery management system design and thermal management to the project while WMG will lend its impressive research capabilities to address the move from research and development to commercialisation,” explains M&I Materials Product Group Director James O’Brien. David Greenwood, Professor of Advanced Propulsion Systems at WMG, the University of Warwick, added that “this project allows us to investigate a close-coupled cooling mechanism with a biodegradable coolant”.

The i-CoBat project is part of the UK government’s Faraday Battery Challenge. The competition addresses businesses working on next-generation battery solutions and is worth 25 million pounds in total. The aim is to support the development of high-performance, lightweight batteries that are cost-effective, durable, safe and recyclable.



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