InstaVolt adds 125 kW chargers to UK network


The British provider InstaVolt is expanding its existing 50 kW fast-charging network with new stations delivering up to 125 kW. The first was built in Basingstoke, England, and more will follow in the course of the summer.

Instavolt’s new charging stations are called ChargePoint Express 250. While the 250 in the name is somewhat misleading, the fast-chargers are capable of delivering up to 125 kW, translating to recharge of 125 mile range in only 15 minutes, according to the manufacturer. Two vehicles can be charged simultaneously at the stations, adding up the previously mentioned 250.

Similarly to the previously installed stations, customers charging their EVs can use the contactless credit-card payment options, which the UK is requiring by law starting in 2020.

InstaVolt’s CFO Adrian Keen is happy about the technological advancements and certain that the EV market will reflect the upgrade appropriately: “The electric vehicle space is moving at lightning pace and we’re constantly working to ensure we’re prepared for the EVs of the future.” ChargePoint’s managing director is further convinced that the technology is future-proof: “ChargePoint’s ultra-rapid charging solution not only meets the demands of all current EV drivers but is prepped to surpass the needs of the next generation of EVs with ever-increasing battery size and range.”,


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