Fast-charging network expansion in Switzerland


The Swiss charging station network evpass has joined forces with the oil companies and pit stop operators Tamoil, AVIA and Oel-Pool to set up a network of ultra-fast charging stations for electric cars in Switzerland under the name evpass Express.

The partners confirmed ten locations throughout the country but am aiming for “national coverage located primarily in highway service stations,” according to the press information. In a second phase, up to “ten more or so” charging sites will follow at the end of 2020.

The 160 kW charger will come from GreenMotion, the company that is also behind the evpass network, and its developed RANGE XT160 rapid charging station. The charging stations are manufactured locally and come housed in a small, compact case for easy installation.

Taken together, the partners from the fossil-fuel industry operate and oversee around 1,350 service stations in Switzerland.


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