Sep 26, 2019 - 10:35 am

Electric jetski: fun without the noise and stink


After its electric snowmobiles, the Canadian company Taiga Motors has now introduced an electrically powered watercraft. The Jetski-like Orca is equipped with a 400-volt system and a 23-kWh battery, which should provide energy for up to two hours of water fun.

The jetski addresses most of the problems arising from personal watercraft use in bodies of water shared by homeowners, marine life, and others using the water space – generally arising from pollution (+ smell) and noise levels. Despite the fact that most manufacturers have switched to cleaner 4- stroke engines, a modern personal watercraft produces up to 16 g/kWh of hydrocarbons (HC) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) and 300 g/kWh of carbon monoxide (CO). This is more than 80 times the EPA’s Tier 2 emission standards for automobiles. Needless to say, the Orca jetski is quiet and has zero emissions.


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