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Arkema increases its Kynar® PVDF capacity dedicated to the battery market

Supporting the continued international growth of Lithium Ion batteries for electric vehicles (Ad)


Engaged in the global race to boost the performance of EV Lithium Ion technology, Arkema constantly innovates and makes a major contribution with its specific Kynar® PVDF grades, already used successfully for 20 years in Lithium Ion batteries. These grades fulfill various key functions in battery cells. In electrodes, the highly electrochemical-resistant fluoropolymers bind the active particles and conductive additives on the current collector, enabling the ions and electrons to circulate efficiently. Used also as a protective coating for the separator film between the anode and cathode, they help boost battery safety and lifetime.

Arkema increases its Kynar® fluoropolymer capacities at its Changshu plant, China

As a global designer of materials and innovative solutions, Arkema shapes materials and creates new uses that accelerate customer performance. Driven by continued strong growth in the Lithium Ion battery market for electric vehicles, Arkema will increase the capacity of its high-performance polymer PVDF dedicated to the battery market at its Changshu plant by approximately 50 percent. The increase in capacity is scheduled to come on stream in the final quarter of 2020. With this project, Arkema further consolidates its world-leading position in PVDF.

Arkema plant in Changshu, China

Serving the region from the region

Arkema has a proven track record of adapting to international market developments. We followed the battery market from the USA to China in 2012 for exactly this reason. Today, more and more battery cells production capacities are being installed and planned in Europe. To support this emerging and exciting growth, we can also count on our European manufacturing plant.
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