Oct 30, 2019 - 12:18 pm

Keep calm and carry on doesn’t always cut the mustard


A single motorist has managed to accrue 81 tickets for the same offence. The fines may end up costing as much as £13,000 after receiving notifications for failing to pay the daily Central London ULEZ charge that was introduced in April.

While the fine for the infraction, which has only just become one, is fairly reasonable at £160, this drivers continued ignorance of the additional fees will cost them significantly. It also bears mentioning, however, that the fines “generated over £10.5million in revenue through extra fines for those who haven’t paid their initial charges.”

Electrification is normally faced with some backlash, however in this case, London’s driving population may be more incensed than usual. It remains to be seen how London’s politicians manage to convince their population to actually get on to tackling their air pollution.


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Found on electrive.com
30.10.2019 12:03