Nov 14, 2019 - 05:36 pm

Driivz to help Ennet to deliver smart charging in Japan


The Ennet Corporation has selected Israeli software specialist Driivz to bring intelligent EV charging services to Japan. Driivz will provide smart charging software that includes platform modules as well as an app that will help the Japanese utility to broaden the services.

More specifically, Ennet has developed a smart charging service called EnneEV for local governments and companies to help increase the electric car share in Japan that is currently at no more than 0.5%. The company belonging to the NTT Group has commissioned Driivz to deliver its tools as part of EnneEV.

In this case, the Driivz suite entails the trademarked SmartChain Energy Manager and operations management modules and also a white-labelled app in the Japanese language for electric car drivers.

In the backend, the service will enable Ennet to analyse the power usage patterns of its customers, identify peak demand and manage charge loads accordingly, also for fleets. The functions also include remote start and stop charging.

Yuji Kawagoe, President of Ennet, pointed out the company had been using “the latest technology and artificial intelligence to provide energy efficiency services and data analysis for several years”. When it comes to smart charging, however, the utility trusts in Driivz’ system, which is already managing “tens of thousands of EV chargers in the North American and European markets,” the executive added.

The latest such deal for Driivz was with the Czech charging network called ČEZ Electromobility. Based in Tel Aviv, Driivz claims its cloud-based platform supports over 120 types of EV chargers and includes billing capability, roaming interoperability and is vehicle-to-grid enabled.

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