Humming car by Ajax / Toyota that feeds plants (video)


Ajax, an independent Toyota manufacturer and distributor in Uruguay, is getting ready for the new sound regulations for electric cars (AVAS). They want Toyotas to make a humming noise that encourages plants to absorb nutrients and grow.

This is as real an idea as the AVAS regulation that requires electric cars to make a noise. While the law varies internationally, Uruguay seems to have taken a free-spirited approach. Toyota’s distributor in the country turned to the digital innovation firm The Electric Factory, a professional sound designer to develop the idea.

The project is called Hy, an abbreviation of “harmony”, but that is about as much detail as we can get. The press release accompanying the announcement explains that the designers chose specific bandwidth and frequency ranges that are supposed to generate “improvements in growth, biomass, stomata (which favours water absorption and light use), and favouring cell division, fluids in cell walls, and protective enzymes.”

So this is how it sounds.


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