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Automobili Pininfarina expands sales to Japan


Luxury EV maker Automobili Pininfarina is expanding its global dealer network with the Sky Group in Japan. At the launch event in Tokyo, the company specifically stressed the importance of the Japanese market, but also of Asian markets in general for sales of its upcoming electric hypercar.

Pininfarina presented the Battista, a fully electric super sports car last year and is planning to sell no more than 150 units. At the launch event of the Japanese deal in a film studio, CSO Jochen Rudat said: “we will probably have distributed our reserved allocations of the 150 limited Battista in Japan by the end of the year”.

Also on site were Yuta Kasei, managing director of the Sky Group and Nick Heidfeld. The former Formula 1 driver has been involved in the development of the Battista that takes cues from the racing series. Thanks to four electric motors, the 2.2 million euro electric car is to deliver 1,400 kW and accelerate to 100 kph in less than two seconds. Croatia’s Rimac helped develop the drive, and the 120 kWh battery should last for 450 kilometres.

However, the EV is just the start of a series of electric cars Pininfarina is planning. This summer, the company announced it is working on models such as an SUV and a sedan. According to CEO Michael Perschke, there are talks with partners to create a platform for these electric cars. The new models are set to launch in less than three years.

The latest partnership with the Sky Group in Japan follows recent launches of Automobili Pininfarina in Hong Kong and Singapore. Sky Group is one of the leading car dealer groups in Japan, offering nine premium brands.

Automobili Pininfarina turned premium electric carmaker in 2018 under the ownership of India’s Mahindra as reported. Pininfarina’s Battista will be made in Italy and roll off the assembly line at the company facility just outside Turin in 2020.

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