Zap-Map announces voice support


The UK-based EV charging platform Zap-Map announced the launch of a voice-activated function for Google Assistant, allowing users to search for nearby charging points without having to take their hands off the wheel.

In a surprisingly late innovation, Zap-Map has potentially changed safety standards for EVs in the long term. While many cars do offer voice functionality options, this is apparently the first to integrate it into their charging map.

The move has been widely praised by industry experts, such as Simon Williams from the RAC, who added: “If we are serious about moving towards zero-emission cars, it is imperative drivers have the confidence to make the switch to electric vehicles. Easy-to-use and accessible digital tools, such as the one announced today, will be key to helping the growing number of EV drivers navigate the unfamiliar world of public charging safely while on the move.”

Combining both comfort and safety is sure to please customers. The company admits that the new product is intended to capitalise on “rapidly shifting consumer behaviour” following the steady electrification of the transport and mobility sector. The company says they will not stop there and have already announced some usability upgrades for next year, including added payment options for external providers and better integration with Apple and Google products.


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