Dec 16, 2019 - 03:10 pm

Shopping for gasoline with plastic bags

Talk about “burning” electric cars in times when Twitter is on fire over a video clip. It shows a woman filling petrol in plastic bags and while she double and sort of triple bags it (safety first, after all), the Tesla community is having a blast.

Obviously, this does not happen with an electric vehicle ever. However, what should a driver of a combustion engine vehicle do when they run out of fuel someplace away from the gas station? Insert Range Angst here. So while we do not know what emergency was behind this incident, this video speaks for itself. via, (Tesla community comments)


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2 Kommentare zu “Shopping for gasoline with plastic bags

  1. TomLeeM

    If I ran out of gas on the road, I would call my road service and they would bring gas to me. I have and they did.

    I am not sure why a gas station attendant would allow this. I have read signs indicating the use of proper containers only.

    What would you do if your electric vehicle ran out of juice while on the road? Would the road service bring a gas powered generator to recharge your battery?

    • Toby Holland

      No, they’d bring a tow rope (charging while towing gives 6 to 10 times the towed distance) or they’d bring a battery pack designed specifically for ’emergency charging’

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