May 28, 2020 - 04:11 pm

Pasadena opens EV fast-charging plaza

The Californian city of Pasadena is opening the Marengo Charging Plaza at 155 E. Green Street. The Plaza is now home to a total of 44 chargers including 24 Superchargers installed by Tesla and 20 fast chargers installed by the City of Pasadena.

Over the past year and a half, the city’s utility company Pasadena Water and Power (PWP) has more than doubled the number of public EV charging points within the city. This represents the highest percentage of EV drivers among southern Californian utilities.

“The installation of these 44 fast chargers was key to giving EV drivers the confidence they needed to see that, regardless of the make and model of their EV, they now have a location they could easily access and receive a fast charge-up in minutes,” said Steve Mermell, Pasadena city manager. The city says the Marengo Charging Plaza is the largest public EV fast-charging plaza in the nation.

The city was able to carry out the project without the use of ratepayer fees thanks to grants from the California Energy Commission and Southern California Air Quality Management District as well as revenue from the Low Carbon Fuel Standard program.

In order to support the opening of the Plaza as well as take-away food services during the pandemic, the city’s 20 fast chargers are available to drivers stopping at the Plaza for 20 minutes for free.,


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