Jun 11, 2020 - 01:51 pm

A little Changli drives just fine for around 1,200 USD.

Jason Torchinsky ordered what is probably cheapest electric car in the world at 930 dollars (1,200 dollars with battery) via the Chinese online dealer Alibaba. The litte car was shipped to the USA where he tested it. Of course, there is not a lot of comfort at this price, but the Changli did better than expected.

Although it is a little weak with less than a kilowatt of power and has a top speed of around 30 km/h, it drives and even has a working rearview camera, a radio and a heater on board.

Torchinsky writes: “It works. It’s a staggeringly cheap electric car you can buy from an online site that sells $10 smartwatches and it actually works and drives. It’s an incredible thing.”



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4 Kommentare zu “A little Changli drives just fine for around 1,200 USD.

  1. TomLeeM

    It looks very cartoonish. It seems like a neighborhood electric vehicle. It looks like it would fit in at a theme park. Is it legal to drive on US roads?

    • Tom

      18.6 mph average, would you drive it on u.s. roads


      It is legal wherever you can drive a Golf Cart.

  2. John

    Is it legal on us roads. The writer should know this and mention this.

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11.06.2020 13:08