British Columbia to go fully electric by 2040


The government of British Columbia, Canada, announced new regulations to ensure that all new vehicles sold in the province will have to be fully-electric by 2040. The regulation will be phased in starting in 2025.

Initially, the Zero-Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) Act will take hold in 2025, with the requirement that 10 per cent of all light-duty vehicles must be electric. This initially small number will then be ramped up to 30 per cent in 2030, before the 2040 deadline of 100 per cent of vehicles sold being emission-free.

In 2018 the EV proportion of Canadian vehicle sales made up about 2.2%. In that year, the BC government announced its electric vehicle target. Now the British Columbia government is releasing a year-by-year framework aimed at helping vehicle manufacturers and sellers meet the target of becoming fully electric within 20 years. B.C. Energy Minister Bruce Ralston. “British Columbians are eager to get behind the wheel of an electric vehicle, help reduce air pollution and save on fuel costs, but price and availability can be barriers.”

Merran Smith, executive director of Clean Energy Canada, added that the ZEV Act was “developed in consultation with the auto industry, local governments and environmental groups,” in which the slow ramp-up is accomodating automobile manufacturers and sellers, who will have time to unload any internal combustion vehicles, as well as go through several rounds of stock before having to upgrade their model stock. Emissions from transport make up about 40% of British Columbia’s total emissions.

The process will be organized by a new ZEV advisory council, which is to be made up of industry workers, environmental groups, First Nations, infrastructure providers and other third-party participants. Should the effects pick up more quickly than expected, it is possible that the twenty-year timeline may be accelerated, at the same time, this is likely to cause protest from the automobile factions that have to undergo costly electrification changes in their lineup.

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