EV Roam to support electric vehicle charging in the UK


A new service named ‘EV Roam’ is being provided by Renewable Energy Assurance Limited (REAL), in partnership with the Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (REA). It is aimed to “help facilitate the uptake of roaming between EV charging networks in the UK”.

EV Roam is designed to work by registering unique identification codes to be used by Charge Point Operators and eMobility Service Providers. EV Roam will then serve as an ID Registration Organisation (IDRO) for the entire UK. The first partners have already signed on to the registration service, including Zap-Map, Drivenergy, and Octopus Energy.

“REAL is in an ideal position to provide this important service alongside the other schemes we run in the renewable energy and circular economy sectors,” says Virginia Graham, Chief Executive of Renewable Energy Assurance, “We work in an independent and not-for-profit manner, and any profits from EV Roam will be recycled back into the organisation so we can grow other schemes crucial to the growth of the sector.”


about „EV Roam to support electric vehicle charging in the UK“
20.10.2020 um 08:37
I applaud that there's a centralised institution taking up this role, just like ElaadNL and eViolin did in the Netherlands. This is a very welcome and very important development for the further development of providing a reliable and seamless charging experience to EV-drivers. Without decent roaming functionality, EV-drivers will continue to struggle to be able to charge everywhere and are constantly confronted with registering new accounts in new apps. Another important issue that needs to be solved is price transparency. Prices should be constructed in a uniform way (based on kWh) and made known to the consumer in a convenient manner before the recharging is started. "Bill shocks" must become a thing of the past as soon as possible.

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