Fiat reveals new body versions of the electric 500

Fiat has introduced a new version of its electric 500 – the Fiat 500 3+1, which is characterised by an additional door on the passenger side, hinged in the opposite direction. The Italian carmaker has now revealed the prices for the basic version.

The 500 3+1 is thus designed to make access to the second row of seats easier – whether for passengers or if the rear seat is to be used as an additional storage area. Fiat says that the 3+1 is the “most versatile” version of the new 500.

The body of the Fiat 500 3+1 has not lengthened for the additional door. The empty weight of the 3+1 is around 30 kilograms higher than the normal version of the new 500, and according to Fiat, this should have no effect on driving behaviour or fuel consumption.

As with the familiar body versions of the new 500, the 3+1 will initially feature the well-equipped ‘La Prima’ version with full-LED headlights, two-tone 17-inch rims, the UConnect 5 navigation system, a two-tone steering wheel, Fiat monograms in the seats and a ‘La Prima’ badge in the centre console.

With the 3+1, Fiat is also introducing a further drive version for the 500 series. The top drive with 87 kW drive power and a 42 kWh battery ensures a 320 km range according to WLTP or 460 km in the WLTP city cycle. This version comes with a DC charging capacity of 85 kW. Incidentally, the AC charging power of the electric 500 in Germany is 11 kW, internationally Fiat speaks of 7.4 kW.

The new basic model, on the other hand, goes by the name of ‘Action’ but is only available for the normal two-door and convertible, not for the 3+1. Here, the electric motor has an output of only 70 kW and the battery only holds 23.8 kWh. The WLTP range is thus reduced to 180 kilometres, the top speed from 150 to 135 km/h. Because of the smaller battery, the DC charging power is also limited to 50 kW. This drive is intended for customers who drive 50 kilometres or less per day, according to Fiat.

The more powerful drive from the La Prima will also be installed in the ‘Passion’ and ‘Icon’ versions. They differ in features such as the rims or the interior, with the Icon always having a higher value. The Passion, for example, features the UConnect 5 navi with a seven-inch touchscreen, while the Icon version features a 10.25-inch Cinerama touchscreen.

Fiat has not yet announced the prices for the 3+1, and here in Germany, it is not yet clear what the basic Action version will cost. Prices are out for the UK though where the small electric car starts at 19,995 pounds, taking into account the state premium of 3,500 pounds. In Italy, the model costs 25,900 euros before subsidies or 19,900 euros after deduction of the 6,000 euro premium., (500 3+1),, (both re. prices in the UK), (prices in Italy)


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