Xpeng launches limited edition P7 with gullwing doors

The Chinese manufacturer Xpeng now offers its P7 electric sedan with gullwing doors. The P7 Wing Limited Edition was presented at the Guangzhou Motor Show. Prices of the unique model are clearly above the standard version.

The P7 Wing Limited Edition will be launched in China at prices starting at 366,900 Yuan in combination with rear-wheel drive and 409,000 Yuan in combination with four-wheel drive. This corresponds to the equivalent of 47,050 Euro, or 52,450 Euro for four-wheel drive. By way of comparison, the P7 is usually offered at prices between 229,900 and 349,900 Yuan, i.e. 29,480 to 44,870 Euro.

Xpeng does not specify in the brief notification how many units the Wing Limited Edition is limited to. Since no deviating performance data are known, the price surcharge is probably mainly due to the exclusivity of the model.

In the pictures Xpeng has published of the P7 Wing Limited Edition, only the front doors can be seen open; the rear doors open conventionally. The new flagship Limited Edition was designed “to maximise the sporty and dynamic style of the smart EV sedan with a pair of specifically-designed scissor-style front doors that are traditionally only available in luxury sports vehicles,” as Xpeng describes it.

The gullwing doors themselves are to be able to be opened via the key, door handles, an app, an in-car control panel or the voice assistant. To be able to use the upward swinging doors in garages as well, customers should be able to “personalise” – i.e. limit – the opening angle of the doors. Also, sensors should be able to detect obstacles and stop the door movement in case of doubt.

The vehicles are to be equipped with the semi-autonomous assistance system XPILOT 3.0 (in the standard model, the more affordable version 2.5 is also available) and a Dynaudio sound system with 18 loudspeakers.



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