Nov 26, 2020 - 09:41 pm

£3.5m for 150 new charge points in Cornwall

England’s southwestern tip, Cornwall, will see the installation of 150 charge points. It is like a last goodbye from Europe as the Council secured £2.9m through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Council is committing the remaining £725,000.

The total funding of 3.5 million pounds translates to close to 4 million euros. The charge points will be installed in a range of locations including council-owned car parks and areas with few or no charging points, the Council said. The authority added it would bring the number of public charging points available to more than 360 by 2023.

Cornwall also said improving access to charging points “well before” the UK will ban the sales of ICEs in 2030 as reported would “provide Cornwall with the infrastructure to help residents make the switch to electric or hybrid vehicles and help cut carbon emissions”.

Edwina Hannaford, a council cabinet member for climate change, added road transport accounted for 22% of Cornwall’s carbon footprint, so “reducing it needs to be a focus of our activity”.

The district is England’s southernmost tip and sometimes deemed the “Cornish Riviera” – serpentines, or rather very narrow roads and picturesque villages included. “Travel in Cornwall isn’t as easy as in major cities where public transport is more readily available, but with electric vehicles becoming more widely available we have to increase the infrastructure to support them and help people make the switch,” Hannaford admitted.

We’ve been following Cornwall’s e-mobility ambitions for some time and noted their first charging station at the Eden Project in 2015.,

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