Latvia starts expanding EV charging network

In cooperation with businesses, the Latvian Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD) is spearheading the effort to develop a network of electric vehicle charging stations throughout the country. By next year, the initiative plans to double the current number of charging stations.

The number of newly registered electric vehicles has increased by 65% in Latvia this year. On average, two electric cars are purchased every day and more than 1,000 vehicles of this type are already on Latvia’s roads. For this number of vehicles, the current total of 70 charging stations is clearly not enough. The organisers of the directorate plan to pass the hundred charging station milestone this year, pushing the number of charging stations to 139 next year. The general guideline is to provide at least one charging station with every 30-50 kilometres when travelling on main and regional roads

“We forecast that in 2030, these will be tens of thousands of cars, and then we will need thousands of charging points. And we are planning to create them,” said Kaspars Cikmačs, board member of electricity concern Latvenergo. The company plans to install 84 charging points by the end of next year.


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