Lunaz to fit Ranger Rovers with electric drives


The British company Lunaz specialising in vintage electric cars has announced that it will now also convert classic Range Rovers to electric drive. Prices start at 245,000 pounds (excluding taxes). In addition to an electric drive system, there will be a refurbished and upgraded car.

This will be a first-generation Range Rover built from 1970 onwards. The first production batch of 50 vehicles is scheduled for delivery from summer 2021. According to the company, each of the 50 vehicles is to be reworked “from the ground up” with each vehicle being treated individually. In other words, each vehicle will be scanned in 3D in order to “ensure technical perfection in every step of the process” on the CAD model. The vehicles are then completely dismantled, all defects are corrected and then rebuilt according to the customer’s wishes.

For example, customers can choose the upholstery materials individually, but these should be based on the original Range Rover options list. In addition, “subtly integrated modern luxury goods” such as infotainment, air conditioning and WLAN should also be available. More important here is the influence of the two possible equipment options on the electric Range Rover: The “Town” equipment should be particularly comfortable for both the driver and the rear seat, while the “Country” equipment should offer a “fully electric classic off-road experience”. Both options are to be available with both short and long wheelbase.

The Silverstone-based company does not provide any technical data on electric drive. In August Lunaz had already presented two oldtimer models from Rolls-Royce with fully electric drive systems. In addition, Lunaz has already built electrified versions of the Jaguar XK120 sports coupe, the XK120 convertible and the XK140.

Despite far six-digit prices the business seems to be worthwhile for Lunaz: Over the pandemic, the company has reported “exceptional growth” in 2020 and doubled the number of “highly qualified jobs” this year, with a further doubling planned for 2021. Lunaz sees its own business as part of the trend towards upcycling, i.e. the re-use and upgrading of existing products.

“By 2030, when the UK ban on internal combustion engine car sales will come into effect there will be 2 billion ICE vehicles on the planet,” says Lunaz founder David Lorenz. “Without conversion to electric, this will represent mass redundancy of finite resources that could otherwise be re-used. Our approach answers the urgent need to extend the life of these vehicles for future generations.”

In view of the double-digit numbers of units produced, the impact of Lunaz on the recycling economy should remain manageable. A start has been made.


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