VinFast previews first three electric car models

The Vietnamese startup Vinfast shows its first three electric models called VF31, VF32 and VF33. These are SUV in the C, D and E segments respectively. The manufacturer also delivered initial technical specifications and wants to accept first orders in Europe as early as this year.

VinFast plans to start accepting orders for the VF31 in Vietnam in May 2021 and begin deliveries of the model in November. Orders for the VF32 and VF33 are expected to be available in Vietnam from September 2021. Deliveries of these models are scheduled to start in February 2022. In North America and Europe, the VF32 and VF33 should be available for order from November 2021 and for delivery from June 2022.

All three models are expected to have artificial intelligence features, such as autonomous driving functions, in addition to electric drive. Besides, all SUVs have a “trendy high-chassis design” and “outstanding safety and intelligence features,” according to the company. VinFast says its vision is to become a “global smart electric vehicle company” and “put Vietnam on the world automotive map to “a new level”.

VinFast has announced that the VF31 is a mid-size SUV in the C-segment with “basic self-driving and steering assistance features”. The models VF32 in the D segment and VF33 in the E segment are to have autonomous driving according to level 2-3. For this purpose, VinFast wants to install LIDAR sensors, 14 cameras and 19 360-degree sensors, among other things, in the “full option versions” (i.e. presumably the models with the maximum possible equipment). The cameras should be able to detect objects at a distance of 687 metres.

The 4.3-metre-long VF31 is said to have a 42 kWh battery that should allow a range of up to 300 kilometres. The standard version of the PSM is said to have 85 kW, while the premium version is said to have 150 kW of drive power.

The VF32 is already 4.75 metres long, and the wheelbase is 2.95 metres. In the standard version, the 150 kW engine of the VF31 is installed in the premium version. The premium version of the VF32, on the other hand, has two of these electric motors and comes to a system output of 300 kW. The battery has an energy content of 90 kWh, but VinFast does not specify a range.

The top model, the VF33, is 5.12 metres long and has a wheelbase of 3.15 metres. This vehicle is only available with the 300 kW dual motor drive. The 106 kWh battery is said to allow up to 550 kilometres.

VinFast is not yet providing further data – such as the AC and DC charging power or more detailed information on the cell type and battery cooling. As reported, VinFast is a customer of LG Chem but has also developed batteries with Kreisel Electric. The German development service provider EDAG was also involved in the development of the vehicles.

Possible prices for sales in Vietnam, North America and Europe have not yet been revealed.


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