Electrify America launches Electrify Commercial


Volkswagen’s dieselgate subsidiary Electrify America, has launched a new business unit called Electrify Commercial. EC is charged with providing charging equipment and services to business, utilities and government agencies. The latest client is in Arizona.

Electrify Commercial struck a deal with Arizona Public Service Company (APS) with its ‘Take Charge AZ’ investment in EV fast charging. The project includes five new charging stations with four individual chargers each, for a total of 20 ultra-fast chargers across the state, Volkswagen announced.

The announcement follows the recent launch of Electrify Commercial, a new business unit which Electrify America says it designed to help deliver “turnkey EV charging solutions to businesses, utilities and government entities”. Rachel Moses, director, commercial services at Electrify America, added: “We launched Electrify Commercial to address a clear demand across sectors for customised charging solutions, and we look forward to implementing a strategy tailored specifically to APS’ customer’s needs.”

Electrify America is an open DC fast-charging network, which Volkswagen was ordered to install for two billion dollars following the emission fraud in the US. Today the subsidiary claims it commissions one station per business day. According to company information, Electrify America is also the only CCS network in the US, deploying exclusively 150kW and 350kW high power chargers.

APS will own the new charging stations in Arizona included in Electrify America’s network of about 535 charging stations and 2,300 ultra-fast chargers.

Electrify America expects to install or have under development approx. 800 total charging stations with about 3,500 DC fast chargers by December 2021.


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