Feb 15, 2021 - 12:17 pm

China’s cheapest electric car coming to Europe

The microcar called Mini EV, which GM offers in China through its partner Wuling is very popular because of its low price. Now the Mini EV is en route to Europe – as FreZe Nikrob EV via the Latvian company Dartz Motorz at a starting price of 9,999 euros.

Dartz says the two-door city car will offer a range of up to 200 km (124 miles) on a charge and seat four. Plus, if they realise the price of less than ten grand, it could easily be the cheapest electric car in Europe (the Twizy quad aside).

In China, the Wuling Mini EV sells for the equivalent of 3,700 euros. There will likely be some adjustments and additional safety features for the EU version leading to a higher price.

Dartz aims for market entry in Germany, Norway and France first and told Carbuzz they wanted to get into rideshare fleets. The US is not yet a priority.



17 Kommentare zu “China’s cheapest electric car coming to Europe

  1. Roman Ursu

    i like this car and i would like to buy a few of them

    • Keith Walker

      I’d like to purchase the cabriolet model mini ev. I will be moving to Portugal and probably have to go to France or Germany to purchase it though.

      • Les Bagshaw

        I would consider one of these cars, it fits in with my needs perfectly how can I see one. Could one be purchased and registered on a ‘Q’ plate like a kit car. Left hand drive would be no problem as most of a journey would be in trafic.

    • Les Bagshaw

      I would consider one of these cars it fits in with my needs perfectly how can I see one

    • Peter Mcdonald

      I live In Birmingham, can I buy this car in uk and where.

  2. Ole Vendborg Lassen

    Håber Den hurtigt bliver tilgængelig i Danmark.

  3. David J Dunmore

    Make the UK a priority, they’d sell as many as they can make – I’d be first in the queue.

    • Jim G

      Let me know when I can get one

  4. Dave Hope

    Big car company’s will stop its import.

    • Annie

      Yeah probably, but it’s time that electric cars were made more affordable here in the UK. Not everyone can afford to pay upwards of £25,000 for an electric car.
      I hope that we do get an influx of Chinese made ev, because that will make the major car company’s start producing more cost effective electric cars to compete. A lot of drivers are quite happy with a no frills ev that will get them from a to b.

      • vicky moller

        exactly, I am in Portugal hoping to buy a chinese affordable EV and bring it back with me to UK. Any help or advice anyone can give would be ace as i am clueless at this sort of thing.

  5. Mitchell Nix

    3700 euros in China and 9999 euros in Europe! What a rip off. I was interested until I read that.

    • Andrius Jurkevicius

      transporting costs

  6. Robert

    The Hongguang Mini battery capacity is to increase to 26 kWh (compared to 9 or 14 kWh in the current variants), which should enable an NEDC range of more than 300 km.
    Looks like they’re selling the old version 🙁

  7. Roy Fuller

    Will it recharge using uk domestic electrical infrastructure? Even at these inflated prices for Europe, it still makes a lot of sense. Let’s hope European manufacturers don’t club together to stop it.

  8. Jamie Capurso

    Western politicians are ruining what made the car so popular in China before its even for sale, the price. What useless crap did they insist on adding to double the price?

  9. Jonathan Floyd

    It’s clearly time for a cheap, no frills small car that’s accessible even to minimum wage earners in UK. We need a modern electric equivalent of the VW Beetle, FIAT 500, 2CV, Mini that isn’t an idealistic nostalgia exercise for the rich, but an affordable transportation for the working classes. So far in UK only the middle classes are able to smuggly ponce around in their Teslas and other luxury EVs. The new Citroen Ami is on the right lines, but woefully slow and too short ranged to make a practical purchase for a low income family. We just need 4 seats, 50-60mph and 100 mile range for under £10k. The first company to give us that will be a hands down winner.

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