Octopus Energy joins up with Ionity

UK energy supplier and charging network operator Octopus Energy has signed a roaming agreement with Ionity. Ionity’s HPC chargers in the UK and mainland Europe will be now be connected to Octopus Energy’s Electric Juice Network (EJN).

Octopus Energy says that Electric Juice Network users will receive a five per cent discount when charging at Ionity stations. At Ionity’s standard price of £0.69/kWh, that would be £0.65/kWh.

The roaming agreement is not the first collaboration between the two companies: All of Ionity’s HPC chargers in the UK are powered by renewable energy from Octopus.

Zoisa North-Bond, director at Octopus Energy, describes the collaboration with Ionity as a “fantastic milestone” as it offers EJN users more flexibility. North-Bond said that this makes long-distance travel easier and paves the way for coverage in mainland Europe. EJN users will soon also be able to charge at Ionity stations in Europe at a fixed price.

Germany is the first country to be mentioned here – and not just because Ionity is based in Munich: Octopus Energy also recently opened an office in Germany.


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about „Octopus Energy joins up with Ionity“
06.03.2021 um 18:04
65p & 69p per kwh are both far too expensive. It would make most EVs more expensive to drive than diesels

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