Worldline launches new EV charging payment solution

Payment service provider Worldline has announced the launch of a new payment solution at charging stations. The French company says that the WL Easy EV is suitable for both large infrastructures and smaller providers. Payments can be made at four different card readers via touch screen or push button.

Worldline not yet revealed a lot of information about the payment solution other than that there are four different card readers and that it can be operated via either touch screen or by means of pressing buttons. The company says that the solution will be made available to infrastructure owners, charging station operators, electric mobility providers and electric vehicle charger manufacturers in Europe. The system is said to be suitable for both large infrastructures as well as being a good “one-stop-shop for smaller companies”.

On the company’s homepage, it says that 21 currencies are supported. The terminals can be used with cards with magnetic stripes, EMV, NFC payment methods and also via QR code. The numeric keypad for any PIN entry is covered by the touch screen.

“As the world looks to reduce vehicle emissions, our goal is to address all the payment challenges of EV charging in Europe with a simple, smooth and secure customer experience together with a fast & flexible payment process for operators and consumers alike. Our WL Easy EV payment solution combines the best of unattended and online/in-app payments to truly electrify journeys.”

In the French company’s press release there was one point that might be confusing to potential customers. “The growth of EV charging presents a challenge in terms of payments since charging stations are unattended, leading to a risk of non-payment,” the company writes. While at some free charging stations the charging process actually starts when the cable is plugged in, at paid charging stations the process must be authorised via app, RFID or Plug&Charge. Electricity only flows after successful communication between the driver and the charging point.

The payment service provider Worldline was founded in France in 2004, and the company has been listed on the stock exchange since 2014. Last year, Worldline took over its French competitor Ingenico. Along with the German Sparkasse Group, Ingenico is a shareholder in the Payone joint venture.

With reporting by Sebastian Schaal, Germany,


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