The Brussels region cuts red tape for charging rollout


The Brussels regional government has cut some red tape to speed up the planned installation of an additional 250 charging stations across the city. The time between the application and the installation of stations is to be reduced from the current six months to two months.

The Brussels Times reports that the administrative effort to install charging stations at eight locations is being simplified. The regional government hopes that this will speed up the installation of the 250 charging stations or 500 charging points planned for the city.

Currently, according to Brussels Times, there are just over 160 charging stations across the capital, each with two charging points. Applications for new charging points can be submitted by companies or private individuals via an online platform. One of the requirements for approval is that there is not already a charging point within 250 metres of the proposed location.

In addition to the administrative reform to cut red tape, the government recently passed a decree that was supposed to facilitate the installation of charging stations in public and private car parks. The decree also stipulates which buildings will have to provide how many charging points in their parking spaces in the future. According to the Brussels Times, the government is still trying to find a solution for changing safety regulations that currently prevent the installation of any charging points below the first basement level due to fire hazards.

Overall, the Brussels regional government is aiming for a total of 11,000 charging points by 2035. This infrastructure initiative is just one of several decarbonisation measures. In 2018, Brussels introduced a Low Emission Zone that keeps out old diesel (Euro 0-3) and petrol (Euro 0-1) vehicles. The Brussels regional government wants to ban diesel vehicles from 2030 and petrol vehicles from 2035.



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