Hubject and Saascharge form international partnership


Hubject and Saascharge, a provider of electric vehicle charging software, have announced an international partnership that will enable roaming for their respective customers in Europe and the US.

Users of Saascharge’s platform will gain access to Hubject’s 300,000 charging stations in 52 countries through the new cooperation. The two new partners say they see an open and connected charging infrastructure as critical to the growth of public charging points.

“We believe that eRoaming is critical to enable the scale of EV charging infrastructure needed to serve the massive growth in EVs on the road,” said Richard Albrecht, CEO and co-founder of Saascharge, according to Hubject’s announcement.

Saascharge has headquarters in New York and in Glattpark, Switzerland. The company says its goal is to democratise electric vehicle charging. The company’s homepage says it aims to make electric vehicle charging available, practical and competitive for all market participants. Since 2019, the Saascharge solution has been deployed as a software-as-a-service platform by customers in North America, Europe and Southeast Asia.

The platform is designed to manage commercial charging services. Through its software solution, Saascharge says it wants to offer “industry players such as energy providers, restaurant chains or car manufacturers” the opportunity to offer a financially viable charging service.


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