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Bristol Cars plans EV market entry in 2025

The British car brand Bristol Cars plans to launch an electric four-seater in 2025 with a new investor. For its 80th anniversary in 2026, investor Jason Wharton wants to make Bristol Cars a “leading British electric vehicle company”.

Bristol Cars had been wound up last year. At that time, Wharton had acquired the rights to the intellectual property of Bristol Cars in an auction and is directly planning the electric comeback: in 2025, the electric era is to begin with an all-electric four-seater called Bristol Buccaneer EV. The headquarters will be in London, but production is planned in Bristol.

Before that, however, internal combustion models are to bring some money into the coffers: As of 2022, according to the now mentioned plans, Bristol Cars wants to bring revised versions of earlier models onto the market; specifically the 411 Series 8, the Fighter and the Speedster. The three models are to use a conceivably unecological engine: a 6.4-litre Hemi V8 from Chrysler. However, the vehicles, notably the last Bristols with an internal combustion engine, will probably not be built in large numbers: Prices are expected to start at 495,000 pounds (around 575,000 euros) before tax.

“Bristol is a quintessentially British brand that was renowned for creating luxurious and distinctive vehicles,” Wharton said. “We want to revive and reinvigorate this iconic marque, preserving its heritage, while fully remastering it for the 21st century.”

Wharton, who is actually a property developer, sees himself as a “long-term investor in this iconic British brand, so part of my role is to take it forward and develop it so it can finally become sustainable as a premium automotive business, hence our need to move with the times and introduce a fully battery-electric model,” Wharton explains.

The next step is to appoint a CEO, a CTO and two non-executive directors in spring 2022. Wharton also plans to announce a “significant capital raise” then. He does not give figures, but plans to attract further investors for the project.

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  1. john h

    There was no demand for Bristol’s old designs which is why they went bust. Why anyone would want one of these dinosaurs in 2022 suggests another dreamer and the often repeated cycle of an old name being endlessly revived.

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