DKV Mobility acquires Greenflux


The German low-emission transport fleet services provider DKV Mobility has acquired the Dutch charging infrastructure software specialist GreenFlux. The acquisition is supposed to enable DKV to expand its business with commercial fleet operators.

DKV Mobility says the GreenFlux acquisition is part of its further expansion in the area of supply solutions for electric vehicles. This involves acquiring expertise to expand its charging offering across Europe. The company has not disclosed the financial details of the acquisition.

DKV is a German transport services company specialising in offering fleet customers low-and zero-emission vehicle solutions, organising digital services that include refuelling and road charges, irrespective of fleet or vehicle size. DKV is rapidly expanding its fleet-customer solutions for battery-electric vehicles as well as for vehicles that run on LNG, LPG, CNG and hydrogen. The battery-electric solutions include a road network with home and workplace charging solutions and “convenient charging infrastructure”. The company website says it “develops smart green digital applications to promote efficient and environmentally conscious driving”.

The acquisition of Greenflux should enable DKV Mobility to further scale their overall EV charging offer across Europe. For their part, the newly acquired Dutch company sees the DKV Mobility as the ideal company to support GreenFlux’s growth strategy.

GreenFlux CEO Floris van den Broek explains that over the past decade, his company has developed its electric vehicle charging software platform, expanded its reach to 28 countries, “and was named a 2021 FT-1000 for rapid growth by the Financial Times,” he points out.

The solutions that Greenflux provides for charging station operators and mobility services include centralized, hardware-independent EV smart charging functions such as charging station and charging card management, roaming, payments and charging processing.

Three years ago, DKV and RWE-subsidiary Innogy founded a joint venture called Charge4Europe with the declared aim of offering operators of commercial electric fleets throughout Europe comprehensive supply solutions from a single source.



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