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No mandatory charging stations at Florida pit stops


Cities in Florida aren’t allowed to order gas stations to add electric vehicle charging stations under a new law. Meanwhile, the state is spending its own money to add fast-charging stations on highways crisscrossing the sunshine state.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed the gas station regulation preemption (HB 839) legislation last week. The new law “protects” pit stops and their infrastructure from being ordered by local governments to, for example, add electric vehicle charging stations.

The regulation came about after some cities looked at policy options that want to encourage clean energy, including charging infrastructure. Under the new law, local governments can still regulate things like zoning, building codes and necessary transportation issues.

At the same time, the Florida Department of Transportation has been planning to add more charging stations to the state highway system.

DeSantis, last summer, announced the state would electrify the Turnpike highway, using money from Volkswagen’s diesel-gate settlement. Plans include adding 34 fast-charging stations along Interstate 95, Interstate 4, Interstate 75, Interstate 275 and Interstate 295.

Said DeSantis at the time, “As electric cars become more prevalent on our roads and highways, the development of these charging stations is essential to the success of our ever-evolving transportation system.”


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