Fastned to build fast-chargers in Flanders


Dutch charging infrastructure specialist Fastned has been selected by the West Flemish Intercommunale (WVI) in Belgium to implement five large fast-charging stations in commercial areas – mainly on main roads in West Flanders.

The first two concession contracts have now been signed by both sides for stations in Roeselare and Ostend. The installations at these two locations are scheduled for completion in 2022. The other locations are to be realised in the coming years. Fastned plans to build one large charging station with up to 300 kW at each of the five locations, where up to 16 electric cars can be charged at the same time.

The selected business parks are maintained by West Flemish Intercommunale. Fastned CEO Michiel Langezaal says that the WVI sites on busy roads are “a great addition to our European network of fast-charging stations (…)”. With the growing European network, Fastned is making it easier and easier for people to switch to an electric car. “In the near future, we will build many more stations in Belgium,” Langezaal added.

The Dutch fast-charging provider had raised 150 million euros in an accelerated book-building offer only in February. The proceeds will be used to build the “firmly planned network of 164 additional charging stations” – currently Fastned has 133 charging stations. In doing so, the Dutch also said they wanted to accelerate the development of the potential network and “finance investment costs related to important upcoming government tenders, including in France and Germany”.


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