Ovo Energy launches flat rate EV charging tariff in the UK


Energy provider Ovo just rolled out a new tariff providing a flat rate to drivers charging electric vehicles. The company says this would bring down charging costs to roughly £100 a year at a guaranteed flat rate of 5p per kWh for charging at all times of the day.

Called ‘Drive Anytime,’ the new Ovo tariff does away with advances to encourage off-peak charging like so many other tariffs do. Or rather, it leaves it to the AI and not the consumer to decide when it would be smart to do so – we get to that in a second. Ovo claims that the flat rate is similar to the ‘off peak’ rate offered by rival firms listed on the comparison website Zapmap. The new deal also represents a slightly better deal for drivers, Ovo says, than the trial version of the tariff, which offered a flat rate of 6p per kWh.

While simple, the flat rate remains “smart” using Ovo’s AI algorithms to charge vehicles when prices are low automatically and electricity is at its greenest. The company’s tech arm Kaluza developed the software. After customers select through an app when they need their car charged by, the software ensures vehicles charge when emissions and prices are lowest, Ovo explained.

Chris Russell, managing director of Ovo Drive, said the tariff had been designed to “encourage the use of electric vehicles as a carbon-conscious lifestyle choice, and it should be easy and accessible.”

The new tariff further enables customers to split their home electricity charges from their EV charging bill, and Ovo says it is the only tariff in the UK that enables this split. It also gives customers credits for the amount of electricity they save using smart charging, Ovo said, estimating it could slash charging costs for EV drivers by 70 per cent.,


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Gary White
26.08.2021 um 08:33
Does this system need a smart meter if so i had smart meter fitted but having no mobile phone signal it doesn't work
26.08.2021 um 19:08
It's done on rebate if it's like EDF. Go with octopus ev for a better deal
Lewis Knight
26.08.2021 um 13:02
Well done OVO
Peter Szczesiak
26.08.2021 um 10:12
Brilliant idea! We have an EV and this tariff is a winner as long as the normal costs aren't to high
Rhysce Von Detton
26.08.2021 um 11:37
How much does it cost to have the charging unit fitted?
26.08.2021 um 11:50
I've just changed from payg with British gas to a monthly direct debit. How can I change to Ovo
Anthony Heather
26.08.2021 um 12:33
I think Octopus Go is better, as is 5p 12.30am to 4.30am, but that includes washing machine and dishwasher which I always time to come on during that period. They don't say what the Ovo tariff is for non EV electricity!
Mark Dawson
26.08.2021 um 12:41
Same here. Devil is in the detail as always. Will probably be close to 20p. I'll stick with go. Ovo always worked out expensive for me.
Team electrive
26.08.2021 um 12:41
Following this lively discussion, we thought to post an additional link to the FAQs on the Drive Anytime tariff on the Ovo website. Curious to hear about your experiences!

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