Sep 24, 2021 - 10:55 am

Workhorse halts deliveries to update its C-1000 electric van

US electric vehicle manufacturer Workhorse has decided to suspend the deliveries of its flagship C-1000 electric van, saying more tests and modifications were needed to ensure it complies with regulatory standards.

“Our new leadership team is taking decisive and necessary actions as we conduct our comprehensive operational review of the business,” said Workhorse CEO Rick Dauch. “We have identified a number of opportunities to improve our C-1000 series vehicles and are committed to getting these previously delivered vehicles back on the road.”

An update on the plans is planned to release operating and commercial plans on its upcoming third quarter 2021 earnings call, however testing is expected to go until the end of the year. When the vehicles will be delivered again is yet unclear, however the company notes that it has “not received any customer reports of safety issues related to this matter in any of the C-1000 vehicles”.,


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