Ionity launches 35 Cent/KWh subscription model

Ionity is launching a subscription model for its charging stations. This is intended to give electric car drivers the opportunity to use Ionity charging stations without charging cards from other Mobility Service Providers (MSP) or charging services from car manufacturers participating in Ionity at a reduced rate.

This means that drivers without a contract with Ionity partners will no longer necessarily be charged a kWh price of 79 cents. Those who take out an annual subscription called “Ionity Passport” with Ionity will only pay 35 cents per kWh in future. The subscription is available for 17.99 euros per month, or 215.88 euros per year.

Ionity has not yet published the new option in a press release. However, the new ‘Ionity Passport’ is advertised on the provider’s website as an alternative to ad-hoc charging for 79 cents/kWh. Specifically, it says that the subscription is the ideal tariff for anyone who frequently travels long distances, whether at home or abroad. The ‘Ionity Passport’ grants full access to all charging stations in the European Ionity network for twelve months. Access and payment are made via a smartphone app. The contract period is twelve months.

Meanwhile, the tariff varies in individual European countries. In all countries with the euro, however, the above-mentioned prices apply.


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