Lion & Demers present first fully-electric purpose-built ambulance

Demers Ambulances and Lion Electric have unveiled the first all-electric and purpose-built ambulance. The Demers eFX Ambulance is scheduled to enter into commercial production in the second half of 2022.

North American ambulance manufacturer Demers Ambulances and The Lion Electric Company, who is known as a leading manufacturer of all-electric medium and heavy-duty urban vehicles, unveiled the Demers eFX Ambulance today: their first all-electric and purpose-built ambulance. The title of ‘first fully electric ambulance’ is not without competition, however: Ford is also working on their own BEV ambulance.

The fully electric eFX Ambulance is the result of nearly five years of collaborative work carried out by Demers Ambulances and Lion, which the companies also point out involved direct input from paramedic technicians and emergency medical service companies. Thus, the Lion and Demers present the Demers eFX Ambulance as the first ambulance designed according to the needs expressed by paramedics.

The chassis of the ambulance is to be assembled in Saint-Jérôme by Lion, while the medical compartment and final assembly will be completed by Demers Ambulances in Beloeil. The electric ambulance will then make its market launch throughout North America, before eventually being made available worldwide. Demers currently has ambulances on the roads in 43 countries. The two partners also reached an exclusive mutual agreement for the deployment of at least 1,500 100% electric ambulances over the next five years.

“Together with our employees, colleagues, partners, and elected officials who support this project that has become a reality, we unveil our 100% electric ambulance, marking the most important evolution of ambulance transport since the first generation of Demers ambulances 60 years ago,” said Alain Brunelle, CEO of Demers Ambulances, adding: “Combining innovation and performance, the 100% electric ambulance is the result of an exceptional collaboration with paramedics and we are particularly proud to see this new vehicle generate so much enthusiasm and excitement from the community! I would like to salute the leadership and genius of the Lion team and thank the Government of Quebec and NRC IRAP for their support from day one of this ambitious project.”,


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