Innovation Automotive offers DFSK electric van

UK multi-brand electric vehicle startup Innovation Automotive has launched its debut vehicle, the DFSK EC35 all-electric van. The EC35 is on sale for £20,999 + VAT.

Innovation Automotive, is calling itself the “UK’s first multi-brand electric vehicle company,” with the rights to distribute several electric vehicle brands. The debut van is manufactured in China by DFSK – a joint venture between Dongfeng and Sokon.

Paul Brigden, Innovation Automotive’s CEO, said, “We are delighted to launch our debut vehicle into the UK market. The DFSK EC35 represents the ideal balance between zero tailpipe emissions, load carrying capability and compact dimensions. We believe it’s just what the market needs.”

The very affordable electric van from China is described by Innovation Automotive as being a “supremely capable workhorse.” The van is fairly compact, measuring 4,500mm in length by 1,680mm in width with a total load volume of 4.8m3 and a 1,015kg payload. The EC35’s maximum load length of 2,470mm, width of 1,470mm and height of 1,130mm. The EC35 comes with charging capabilities via a CCS charging connector as standard and can be charged to 80% in an hour when using a DC rapid charger.

Innovation Automotive is offering the van with a five-year/75,000-mile warranty. The van comes with different range options, the version with a 39kWh lithium-ion battery features a range of 101 miles and a limited top speed of 62mph. Customers can opt for an increased WLTP-approved range option which delivers up to 166 miles, with a limited top speed of 50mph.

On its website, the UK multi-brand EV seller says it will soon also be offering vans from Skywell. These come from Nanjing Golden Dragon Bus Manufacturing Co in China. The company says it also wants to add electric cars to its range of vehicles on offer.

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David Livingston
08.03.2022 um 07:38
Its starting - the chinese are coming and those who have bet there future on telsa clones at over 40K each are going to look quite silly

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