RAC joins forces with Zap-Map

British motoring organisation RAC has joined forces with EV charge point mapping app Zap-Map. The app should help the RAC optimally assist electric vehicle drivers who run out of charge.

The Zap-Map app will be distributed to the RAC’s 1,600 patrols via all their devices, enabling them to locate the nearest available, suitable, publicly accessible charge point for RAC members to get their EV recharged and back on the road again as quickly as possible.

The RAC has made some effort with its set up to help members with electric cars. RAC patrols can provide an emergency powerless vehicles with its RAC EV Boost technology, without the need for large and heavy portable batteries.

RAC Head of Technical James Gibson explained: “While we have the technology to give them an emergency boost, it’s vital we know how far away the nearest suitable charger is so we can give our members enough mobile charge to get them there safely.” On the side of Zap-Map, Alex Earl, Commercial Director at Zap-Map says the company will also be looking to get patrols to feedback anything they discover about out-of-order or faulty charge points.

Gibson adds: “We chose to partner with Zap-Map because it’s, without doubt, the best app for finding the nearest available public charge points for whichever vehicles our members might be driving. The level of information provided in the app is excellent and we urge every EV driver to download and use it, as it genuinely makes EV driving even simpler.”



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