Bulgaria targets installing 10,000 charging points

Within the next five years, Bulgaria aims to have 10,000 charge points for electric vehicles powered by renewable sources. This is according to an agreement signed by non-governmental organisations and the state’s grid operator ESO.

Other signees include the Association of Bulgarian Municipalities, the Chamber of Energy Economics, the electric vehicle association BAEPS, the industry cluster for electric vehicles EVIC and the Association of Electric Vehicle Owners.

The partners agreed to collaborate first in exploring the current infrastructure before estimating investments, identifying locations, etc.

More concretely, ESO, which operates 297 electricity substations across Bulgaria, has agreed to plug the EV charging stations into its grid once they are constructed. The plan includes the installation of both AC and DC charging stations.

By 2030, ESO expects there to be about 200,000 electric vehicles in Bulgaria with a combined 600,000 MWh of annual power consumption. Their number may increase to 3.5 million by 2050, with respective power consumption rising to 10 million MWh per year.

The data of a report states that for the present time, the overall count of the automobiles that run on fuel is equal to around 45 million MWh. As per experts’ predictions, by the year 2050, electric vehicles are about to bring a threefold decline in electricity consumption in the transport sector.

The agreement was put together through the Bulgarian Energy and Mining Forum, which brings together individuals and organisations involved in the energy sector.

Bulgaria has one of the lowest counts of EV charging stations in Europe.

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