Mar 29, 2022 - 03:40 pm

Wattif EV & Smart Parkering Sverige plan chargers for 250,000 parking spaces in Sweden

Wattif EV and Smart Parkering Sverige want to make it possible to charge electric cars in 250,000 parking spaces in Sweden. Thousands of charging stations for electric vehicles are to be put into operation this year.

This is provided for in a recently signed cooperation agreement between the two companies. The planned parking spaces are almost all spaces managed by Smart Parkering Sverige, which according to the company, currently comprises more than 250,000 parking spaces in Sweden.

Wattif EV is a full-service e-mobility provider founded in Norway and currently operating in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland and the UK with around 70 employees.

“In only a few years from now, most of the cars in Europe will be electric. Our goal is to accelerate the electrification of the global car park by providing hassle-free access to the charging infrastructure, everywhere,” says Robert Svendsen, CEO of Wattif. “The contract with Smart Parkering Sverige is of great value for us, as we will build and operate EV charging points to cover demand at Smart Parkering Sverige´s 250,000 parking spaces.”

Fatih Gencer, CEO of Smart Parkering Sverige, added that choosing Wattif was an easy decision since: “Their total product and software solution is a perfect match to our requirements”. Gencer pointed out that “The availability of e-charging stations increases the value of our parking spaces.”

Wattif describes Sweden as a suitable first target country since the density of electric vehicles there is relatively low and explosive growth is expected in the next few years. At the same time, the company says it is building up a very large market presence in the other main markets in Central Europe and the UK, without elaborating on this further.

Wattif has not yet given any details on the type of charging points planned in Sweden, but with the focus on car parks, it is likely to be primarily AC chargers. The company’s software solution is hardware-independent and should be “compatible with a wide range of available hardware”. However, Wattif believes it is better to select the “ideal hardware for your car park” yourself when setting up new installations.

Wattif says that the user interface for the end customer is an “easy-to-use website that can be accessed via a simple scan on the charger”. There, the user can select the desired charging duration and payment method – then the price is also displayed based on the time, “so there are no surprises”. Via the website, the charging session can either be extended or ended prematurely.


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