Tata looks to quadruple electric vehicle production

Image: Tata Motors

India’s largest carmaker Tata Motors plans to more than quadruple its production of electric vehicles this financial year. The company has also unveiled a concept of a spacious electric car – vehicles on this platform are to be sold worldwide.

After building and selling 19,000 electric cars in the last financial year, Tata is set to expand production to 80,000 electric cars this financial year, according to a report by Reuters. The information, however, does not come from Tata itself, but from sources with knowledge of the matter, Reuters writes.

While the company would not comment on the figures, it said that sales of electric vehicles were growing fast as demand outstripped supply. Last year, Tata Motors had already announced that it would launch ten electric models by 2026 and invest around two billion US dollars in new vehicle architectures, related technologies and infrastructure.

The first results of the investments have now been presented: With the Avinya Concept, Tata Motors has presented a study based on its Pure EV electric car platform. Cars based on this architecture are also to be introduced globally. So far, Tata has only two electric cars on offer, which are still based on combustion models. In the next two years, further electric cars will be introduced that are based on modified combustion engine platforms and can already accommodate larger batteries. In the third step, vehicles on pure EV platforms are planned.

This should also include the Avinya Concept series model, which, according to Tata, is to be launched on the market in 2025. The company does not yet provide details on the drive or the key data of the platform. With the vehicle concept, Tata is targeting the more affluent customer groups in India, the vehicle is supposed to offer a private space in the hustle and bustle of the big cities – a basic concept that has recently been seen more often in studies. The vehicle has nothing in common with the Tata Nano, for which the company is known in Europe.

While Tata accounts for 90 per cent of total electric vehicle sales in India, according to Reuters, the segment is still very small. Last year, only a fraction of the more than three million new registrations were electric.

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about „Tata looks to quadruple electric vehicle production“
29.04.2022 um 14:25
Do these numbers include their sales under Jaguar Land Rover? Also does “electric” include PHEV or are we talking all-electric (BEV)?Jaguar is going all electric by 2025 and Land/Range Rover adding more PHEVs and their first BEVs by then too.
Larry Wolf
01.05.2022 um 06:26
India is one of the biggest reasons why the global warming meltdown will happen regardless of what the rest of the global community does. There almost full exclusion of coal for energy is horrid.

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