Onto adds Fiat 500e cars to the fleet

British electric car subscription service Onto has bought 600 electric Fiat 500 for the rental fleet, including some convertibles. The 600 electric cars join Onto’s long list of orders from the Stellantis Group.

Onto has opted for the Fiat 500 in Icon trim and the larger 42-kWh battery. The three-door models are offered on a subscription starting at £519 (609 euros per month), with the convertible commanding a £599 (703 euros) monthly instalment. The subscription includes 750 miles (1,207 kilometres) per month, service, maintenance and free charging at over 12,500 public charging points.

The small car, which Fiat initially referred to as the new 500, is the first line Fiat offers only in purely electric form. The model, which the manufacturer now also calls the 500e, has a range of 199 miles or 320 kilometres with the large 42-kWh battery. Alternatively, a 24-kWh battery is still available, but Onto has not ordered this variant.

“This new 500 is a design icon that will also be the first convertible to join our expanding fleet, and we’re sure it will be incredibly popular with our customers as we enter the summer,” says Rob Jolly, CEO and co-founder of Onto. It is also the only convertible in the fleet.

Greg Taylor, Fiat and Abarth UK Managing Director, said Onto’s “subscription environment underpins Fiat’s overall fleet strategy”.

While this is Onto’s first order with Fiat, it isn’t the first with Stellantis. In October last year, Onto ordered 1,050 Renault Zoe following the 1,100 Zoe already ordered the year before. The most recent orders included Vauxhall electric cars and the sister models from Citroen and Peugeot.

Onto also procures zero-emission vehicles from other manufacturers, including the Fisker Ocean EV or Audi’s e-tron. On our count, the Onto fleet must now comprise nearly 10,000 electric cars for subscribers to rent for prices starting from £389 a month.

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