Allego expands fast charging at ATU branches in Germany

Allego will set up fast-charging stations for electric cars with a charging capacity of at least 150 kW at 400 additional ATU locations in Germany. The construction of around 900 new charging points is to begin this year with the expansion of the charging network at 85 ATU locations.

The expansion will also include upgrading 41 existing locations to 150 kW. This will probably involve one charging point per location: 82 fast charging points will be built at the 41 branches. With a total of “around 900 charging points”, this leaves around 800 charging points for 400 locations – i.e. two charging points on average.

ATU leads the German market in automotive service and spare parts and accessories. The companies have not yet revealed exactly which charging columns Allego will build at ATU branches. Since 2021, the Dutch operator has primarily relied on products from Alpitronic and Tritium. Allego used to mainly rely on DC columns from Portuguese manufacturer Efacec.

“We deliberately chose ATU for this major project. We were just so impressed by the strong branch network with attractive locations and motivated by our very successful cooperation to date spanning 41 locations already,” said Ulf Schulte, Managing Director DACH at Allego “Currently, the plans foresee the start of the build-out of 85 new locations already this year all in close cooperation with our partner ATU of course.”

Heyne Lars Heyne, Managing Director for Transformation (CTO) at ATU indicated that the entire expansion is to be implemented by the end of 2024. “However, the schedule will depend on delivery times and approval procedures and can therefore not be accurately predicted,” the manager qualified somewhat.

Both companies are also considering working together beyond the charging facilities at ATU branches. The two companies have said that the partnership is to be consolidated in the future with further joint projects and targeted activities in the areas of marketing and communication as well as with special fleet offers.


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