Genesis partners with Shell Recharge Solutions in Europe


In partnership with Shell Recharge Solutions, Hyundai’s Genesis brand gives electric car customers access to over 300,000 public charging points in more than 35 European countries through a single app. Part of the new Genesis Charging program is a free five-year Ionity subscription.

The Ionity tariff offers discounted rates for charging at the network’s 350-kW ultra-fast charging stations for five years. Charging rates are country dependent but mostly around €0.25, indeed cheaper than otherwise €0.79 and more. For all other charge point operators, the prices as advertised on the Shell website apply.

The one app and/or a single charge card called Genesis Charge Pass powered by Shell Recharge enables billing and 24-hour emergency customer support. The co-branded charging app also allows owners to access charging tariffs and track charging sessions instantly. There is also route finding to the nearest available charge point.

The companies state they were also looking to collaborate on integrated features in the Genesis infotainment system that support the search of charge points in the Shell Recharge public roaming network.

The Genesis and Shell program also offers a complete home charging package. The package features a fully installed smart charge point and customer support.

Melanie Lane, CEO of Shell Recharge Solutions Europe, expressed excitement to support Genesis Motor Europe in their ambitions across the European market. “We will guide their drivers on their e-mobility journey, supporting their charging needs at home and on the go.”

Dominique Boesch, Managing Director for Genesis Motor Europe, says they chose Shell since it has “a customer focus similar to our own, committing to overcoming barriers to electric car adoption and providing customers with a seamless experience, including full network access using one app and charge card.”

Genesis will launch two more electric cars in 2022 following the G60. Customers of the Electrified G80 and G60 can select Genesis Charging directly during vehicle configuration.


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