Netherlands already exhausted 2022 EV subsidy pot


In the Netherlands, the budget for government subsidies for new electric cars has been exhausted for this year. The government had set aside 71 million euros for this purpose – enough for 22,000 electric cars, which were subsidised with 3,350 euros each. However, the subsidy is still available for used electric cars this year.

As the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure has confirmed, those 22,000 electric cars have already been subsidised this year, which means that the budget is completely allocated. Deputy Infrastructure Minister Vivianne Heijnen said the popularity of the programme was a “good result”. However, she added: “The downside is that people who want to apply for a grant to buy a new electric car in the coming months will have to wait until next year.”

The programme is to be relaunched in 2023 and 2024, but with a slightly lower premium. The Dutch government subsidises used electric cars with 2,000 euros each. This budget for 2022, totalling 20.4 million euros, has not yet been exhausted.

Last year, subsidies for used electric cars were available in the Netherlands until the end of August. With the 13.5 million euros budgeted for 2021, 6,750 used electric cars could be promoted. What the interim status is here in 2022 is not clear from the Dutch reports in detail – they only say that funds are still available.

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15.06.2022 um 08:44
There’s a small hook to the “used car” thing - I bought an ID.3 last year, even with the exhausted “new” car benefit (€4000). The dealer had a €2000 write-down on the vehicles (2020 models; this would be February 2021) and were selling new cars with a few KMs on them as used as THEY bought the cars and then were able to resel them to us. My ID.3 was wrapped in plastic when I first chose it, had 14km on the odometer when delivered, the same warranty as new and gave me ~€6000 off (€2k dealer, €2k govt rebate & €2k charging card, which took ~a year of hard driving to exhaust).Don’t ignore the “used” car market - you might find there are excellent options there.

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