Jun 22, 2022 - 05:06 pm

Electrogenic launches kit to convert Land Rover Defenders

In the UK, electric vehicle conversion specialist Electrogenic has announced the launch of a ‘drop in’ kit to convert fossil-fuelled Land Rover Defenders to electric.

Electrogenic has designed the kit so it can be installed by a suitably qualified mechanic and should be maintenance-free. In installing the kit, an electric motor is bolted to the Land Rover’s existing clutch bell housing, which means the vehicle can keep all its gears.

The conversion kit provides 90 kW and 235 Nm of torque. The battery system holds 52 kWh and is mounted under the bonnet. Electrogenic says this enables more than 100 miles of range on-road and “considerably more when driving off-road or around a farm”, while the batteries “should good for 200,000 miles or more.”

The kit comes with a 7.5kW AC overnight charging via a Type 2 connector. The conversion company says that faster charging can be specified as an optional extra. In a video released by the company, perfectly silent Land Rover Defenders roll over rugged landscapes pulling large and awkward loads with ease. The conversion company says that with the kit, the towing capability of the Defender is enhanced by the electric motor’s instant torque. Dual-stage regenerative braking makes it possible to drive off-road descents brake-free with ultra control.

Steve Drummond, Electrogenic co-founder, elaborated: “This new electric conversion kit is a really exciting development for us. We do high-specification conversions for road warriors, but this kit is all about giving landowners an economic, sustainable option.” Mr Drummond said that the kit is easy to install and assured potential customers it holds Electrogenic’s proprietary technology. He explained: “It gives Land Rover Defenders – long a trusty workhorse for farms up and down the country – an affordable new lease of life, reducing running costs while enhancing performance and driveability around the estate.”

Electrogenic says the electric version should save customers at least £6,000 in fuel costs over the course of an average year of on-farm use. The conversion’s target price is £24,000 + VAT.

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