Human Horizons releases HiPhi Z – an AI-packed sedan


The electric car manufacturer Human Horizons from China has presented its second model HiPhi Z. The sporty sedan accelerates to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds and is equipped with a 120 kWh battery with cell-to-pack technology. However, its pricing positions the new EV in the top tiers.

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According to the Chinese standard, the battery can deliver a range of up to 705 kilometres. Human Horizons does not provide any further details on the battery in the announcement – but since they mention cell-to-pack technology, it stands to reason that Chinese industry giant CATL will supply the cells. CATL is known to use CtP technology to increase energy density.

Human Horizons does not provide any further details on the e-drive of the HiPhi Z either, apart from the 3.8 seconds for acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h. The company is not providing details on the drive layout or the type of drives installed. Instead, it highlights technical features such as rear-axle steering with up to a 13.2-degree steering angle, which should enable the sedan, which is over five meters long, to have a turning circle on par with a Mini Cooper.

It also mentions autonomous driving functions and design features such as a “wrap-around” strip of lights made up of 4,066 LEDs and the Meridian audio system with 23 speakers. Among the more fancy features is an AI, which Human Horizons describes as a “digital soul” in the form of HiPhi Bot. It can adjust lighting, seats and fragrance and has a robotic arm.

China launch dates are expected to be announced at the Chengdu Auto Show in August. Prices will be the equivalent of around 88,000 euros to 127,000 euros. The first HiPhi Z are also on display in Shenzhen at present, with plans to debut across “eleven key major cities,” so the company.

“Designed and manufactured exclusively by Human Horizons, the HiPhi Z is a testament to the company’s dedication to technological advancement,” said Ding Lei, founder and CEO of HiPhi, Human Horizon’s premium EV brand.

Human Horizons’ first model is the HiPhi X electric SUV, unveiled in 2020 and launched in May 2021, with more than 5,000 units shipped, according to a March 2022 company statement.

The company did not disclose the sales target for the incoming HiPhi Z electric car.

Update 30 August 2022

The Chinese electric car manufacturer Human Horizons has launched its second model HiPhi Z on the domestic market. Unveiled in July, the electric coupé will be offered as a four- and five-seater at prices starting at 630,000 and 610,000 yuan, respectively, and is scheduled for delivery later this year. The HiPhi Z is powered by two electric motors, which together produce 494 kW. A 120 kWh battery with cell-to-pack technology provides a range of up to 705 kilometres according to Chinese standards.

Update 22 December 2022

The Chinese electric car manufacturer Human Horizons has started series production of its second model, the HiPhi Z. The first large-scale deliveries are planned for January. Human Horizons presented the sporty electric sedan in July and launched it on the domestic market at the end of August.,, (both update), (update II)