Lithuania to install 6,000 charging stations


The Government of Lithuania targets building 6,000 new charging stations for electric vehicles by 2030, starting with 1,200 by 2025. Local media reports that the country’s Ministry of Transport budgeted around 90 million euros. At the same time, free charging is coming to an end.

Public charging along Lithuania’s highways is currently free, thanks to EU funding. However, free charging will end by 2023 after a scheduled five years. The Transport Ministry said it considers five years enough time to promote electric vehicles and that it took the decision together with stakeholders.

Aiste Gasiuniene, the spokeswoman for the Transport Ministry, added when speaking to Delfi: “Following consultations with businesses, it has been decided that there is no need to keep such a state-financed incentive for electric cars in place because it poses big and unpleasant competition issues for private businesses.”

Especially since Lithuania expects private operators to install around 54,000 charging stations by 2030 in addition to the stations announced above.

The newly budgeted 6,000 charging stations have yet to be more closely defined. So far, the Ministry has not disclosed any details regarding positioning, types of chargers or capacities.

Accurate data on the number of existing charging stations in Lithuania is also missing since businesses were not obliged to report any status. The Government expects to receive said information by year’s end.

On our pages, you will find companies such as Nissan, Allego or Ionity via Caverion active in installing EV charging infrastructure across Lithuania.


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