SVOLT now producing prototype solid-state cells

SVOLT has followed up on its recent success in solid-state batteries. The company now produced a prototype batch of 20 Ah cells with a solid electrolyte based on sulphide. SVOLT also delivers the first promising numbers.

The prototype solid-state cells have an energy density of 350-400 Wh/kg. This is in line with SVOLT’s earlier tests, and the result promises a range of over 1,000 kilometres for electric cars in future.

Dr Dominik Lembke, Director of Product Development Europe, said they were proud to be the first battery manufacturer to develop prototypes with up to 20 Ah (in China).

When presenting the development only a few weeks ago, SVOLT had completed abuse tests, such as a 200°C hot box test and a nail penetration test.

SVOLT employs its research and development team for developing and advancing solid-state batteries, primarily in China.

SVOLT’s Wuxi Lithium Battery Innovation Center and the Ningbo China Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences established a joint research centre for solid-state battery technology in April 2021. This has since filed 187 patents.

The following steps will be to scale up and ready the new cells for mass production.

SVOLT emerged from the Chinese carmaker Great Wall. (in German)


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