Toyota invests in hybrid vehicle manufacturing in Europe

Toyota has announced a €77 million investment in the production of fifth-generation hybrid powertrains at its plants in Poland and the UK. The powertrain will be used for the first time in the new Corolla.

Seven production lines will be upgraded at both Toyota Motor Manufacturing Poland (TMMP) and Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK (TMUK) plants before production of the hybrid engines and transmissions begins. According to Toyota, the fifth-generation hybrid system features “lighter, more compact and more powerful electric motors” that increase the electric drive ratio in the hybrid system. The system power is 103 kW.

Specifically, both the hybrid transmission and the two electric motors, MG1 and MG2, are manufactured in Poland. The auxiliary motor MG1 serves as a starter for the petrol engine, generates electricity for the larger electric motor MG2 and charges the battery. In addition, the MG1 is used for recuperation. Assembly of the 1.8 litre petrol engine for the hybrid system takes place in the UK. Assembly of the Corolla Hybrid for the European markets is again done in Turkey.

“Hybrid technology now features in 70% and 85% respectively of the engines and transmissions produced at TMMP and TMUK, which is a reflection of the ever-growing customer demand for Toyota hybrid products,” says Marvin Cooke, executive vice president for manufacturing at Toyota Motor Europe.


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